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Developing an EA

EA Tools

An EA tool is a software system that helps in the development, use, and management of enterprise architecture description artifacts. EA tools include those that produce models (architecture description artifacts) and those that store architecture data and their metadata. EA tools may be used by developers and designers to construct, represent, store, manipulate and share architecture data. EA tools support collaboration across the EA development team. Some tools support static modeling or dynamic simulation of the enterprise and its systems. Tools may provide visualization capabilities to display architecture data in a way that supports design and analysis, investment tradeoffs, or executive decision-making. Additionally, tools such as test tools or decision-support tools may also be used during the execution of an EA program to support analyses such as tradeoffs analysis.

This topic area includes guidance, research, tool comparisons, case studies, sample artifacts, and other references that will help the EA practitioner select and use the right tools to apply to an EA effort.

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Developing an EA