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Developing an EA

Methodologies & Processes

An EA development methodology is a body of methods, rules and postulates used to structure, plan, and implement the process of developing an EA. A methodology usually specifies a set number of development phases, each with its own defined inputs and outputs. The goal is to enable the EA to be developed in a consistent and systematic manner.

A process is a series of defined actions or operations to be followed to achieve some result. A methodology may define one or more processes to be followed, or it may define a set of actions and outcomes without prescribing the sequence of the actions. A variety of EA development methodologies have evolved over the years, giving the EA team the opportunity to select the best match to their needs. Prominent EA methodologies include The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) Architecture Development Method (ADM), the Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA) methodology, and the Gartner EA practice.

This topic area includes guidance, research, case studies, sample artifacts, and other references that will help the EA practitioner select and apply the most appropriate methodolgies to apply to an EA effort.

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Developing an EA