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Developing an EA


A principle is a general guideline for behavior in specific situations. The usefulness of principles is in their general orientation and perspective; they do not prescribe specific actions. A given principle applies in some contexts but not all contexts. Different principles may conflict with each other, such as the principle of accessibility and the principle of security. Therefore, applying principles in the development of EA requires deliberation and often tradeoffs. The selection of principles to apply to a given EA is based on a combination of the general environment of the enterprise and the specifics of the goals and purpose of the EA. The application of appropriate principles facilitates grounding, balance, and positioning of an EA.

Principles considered in developing an EA comprise several types. These include enterprise principles, architecture principles, and information technology principles, as well as integrative principles that tie these together. This topic area includes guidance and other references that will help the EA practitioner establish the proper principles upon which to develop a successful EA.

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Developing an EA