Enterprise Architecture Body of Knowledge

Below are frequently asked questions about the EABOK. Click here to submit a question.

Q: What would happen to the EABOK if MITRE no longer sponsors the effort?
A: The EABOK is managed by a consortium of individuals and organizations, who are committed to widely sharing content about enterprise architecture to practitioners, educators, and researchers. The MITRE Corporation serves at the group's primary sponsor—providing expertise, technical services (such as hosting the website), and other resources as needed. However, because the consortium is independent of MITRE, if the sponsorship ends, the EABOK Board of Governors would seek another organization to fill this role.

Q: Who owns content contributed to the EABOK?
A: Submitted content or contributions are the property of the EABOK consortium and the original author as per the EABOK Consortium Agreement (Should be downloaded, and filled out in Adobe Acrobat). It's important to differentiate that there are two types of contributions:

  1. BOK pages—These pages are written as a team effort, and are directly navigable as web pages in the EABOK. This IP belongs to the consortium.
  2. White papers/articles—White papers/articles attached to the web pages remain the IP of the author(s).

Q: Can the EABOK Consortium or its sponsor, MITRE, use other people's intellectual property (IP)?
A: No. The EABOK has no means of exploiting the IP of others, and offers no products, services, nor capabilities to publish content for profit. EABOK's sole purpose is to bring the Enterprise Architecture community together to advance the practice.

Q: Can I download the EABOK as a complete document?
A: Not at this time. Currently, BOK pages are directly navigable as web pages in the EABOK, however, in the future; they may be made available as a free downloadable document(s).

Submission Table FAQs

Q: Can I propose a new knowledge area or topic for my submission?
A: Yes. The EABOK website is organized into knowledge areas and topics that authors use to categorize their content. However, if there isn't a sufficient match, authors can propose a new topic with supporting rationale, when filling out the submission table.

Q: What if my submission matches more than one knowledge area or topic?
A: You can designate more than one knowledge area or topic as appropriate, and give the rationale. The editorial review board assesses what areas and topics match the submission, and may decide to post it in multiple places.

Q: Who decides where my content goes?
A: The chief editor decides where content is placed on the site. The chief editor makes a separate assessment of appropriate knowledge area and topic, and if different from the proposed one, may discuss the placement with the author.

Q: Can I list multiple POCs for a submission that has more than one author?
A: Please list just one contact for correspondence in the submission table.

Q: What if an author is an organization not an individual?
A: In this situation, please identify the organization as author, and identify an individual as the POC.