Enterprise Architecture Body of Knowledge
Measuring the Impact of EA


Enterprise architecture maturity refers to the degree of formality and optimization of the EA program. An immature EA program may depend on ad hoc practices, weak governance and stakeholder engagement, and poor alignment to business needs. As EA programs mature, they may introduce formally defined steps, managed quality and outcome metrics, and active optimization of the processes. Although not guaranteed, enterprises that adopt mature EA practices are likely to operate efficiently and effectively, and to achieve desired business outcomes on a repeatable basis.

Maturity models offer structured levels that describe how the behaviors, practices and processes of an enterprise can be improved over time to increase EA maturity. Maturity models can also be used as a benchmark for comparison with other enterprises and as an aid to understanding how to make improvements.

This topic area includes guidance, case studies, and other references that will help the enterprise define its EA maturity and make improvements that are consistent with the needs of the organization.

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Measuring the Impact of EA