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Planning an EA

Organizational Positioning

Organizational positioning refers to where in the organization the enterprise architecture planning and development activities are performed. Such positioning can have a significant effect on the success of the EA. To some degree the positioning depends on the purpose of the EA. If the primary purpose of the EA is as a strategic long range plan used to guide investments, enterprise architecture planning and direction activities are best positioned where they are closely associated with top-level strategic planning and long-term budget planning. If a key purpose of the enterprise architecture is to guide information technology development, the enterprise architecture effort should be positioned where the IT organization can contribute to it and benefit strongly from close association with it. Ongoing communication and interaction between the EA effort and its key stakeholders is essential.

This topic area provides an EA practitioner access to guidance, case studies, and other references that demonstrate organizational positioning of an EA and how the purpose of the EA might affect the positioning.

Note: The term organization is used instead of corporation, enterprise, agency, or other term.

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Planning an EA