Enterprise Architecture Body of Knowledge

The document linked below is a starter set of glossary terms and definitions for the EABOK. The EABOK Consortium has created this initial list of terms from public sources. This glossary is in its early stages, and does not represent an endorsement by the Consortium of any particular definition or set of definitions in this initial list. We have intentionally included multiple definitions for various terms at this stage. It is not our intent to prescribe a single definition that may restrict or incorrectly represent the growing direction of this still maturing practice. Over time, it is our hope that many of the various organizations or sources for these definitions will work together to reduce these overlaps.

We invite the EA community to contribute to maturing this glossary and working toward possible convergence on a preferred set of definitions. To inquire about this glossary contact us today.

Assembled by the EABOK Consortium
Posted: November 13, 2013

A starter set of glossary terms and definitions for the EABOK assembled by the EABOK Consortium from public sources.