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The EABOK® is managed by a range of knowledgeable individuals involved in the teaching, practice, policy, and application of enterprise architecture, who are actively committed to evolving the EABOK®. The EABOK® is governed by a Consortium that includes a Host Organization, Advisory Board, Editorial Review Board, and individual members. Their roles are described below:

Host Organization—Sponsors the EABOK®, manages the EABOK® website, and is responsible for providing material and financial support to sustain the EABOK®. The current host is The MITRE Corporation.

Advisory Board—Provides strategic counsel, ideas, and individual advice on the direction and evolution of the EABOK®.

Editorial Review Board (ERB)—Reviews and recommends content for inclusion in the EABOK®.

The EABOK® Consortium—Works to raise awareness and generate support for the EABOK®. Individuals must join the Consortium to be eligible for Advisory Board or ERB positions. To join the Consortium, individuals sign an agreement that provides an avenue for collaboration and protects the members’ intellectual property and proprietary information. This is especially valuable to those members who share their content with the community via the EABOK®.


EABOK Advisory Board Members

Rich Stevenson

The MITRE Corporation

Con Kenney

National Defense University

Dr. Richard McCarthy

Quinnipiac University

Editorial Review Board

Carla Kendrick

The MITRE Corporation

Dr. Aaron Glassman

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Dr. Leila Halawi

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

 EABOK is an evolving knowledge base and more information will be released as available.

In addition to the EABOK Board members, the content is also contributed by the following MITRE employees:

  • Carla Kendrick
  • Brenda Yu
  • Eddie Wang
  • Rose Tykinski
  • Wakar Khan
  • Mike Russell




This website is managed by the EABOK Consortium and hosted by MITRE to enable stakeholder collaboration within the EA community.
EABOK and the EABOK logo are trademarks of MITRE and are used by The EABOK Consortium with permission.
All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.  All rights reserved.


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